Saturday, 12 January 2008

An update

Many thanks for visiting my blog. I have now returned to work full time with Soc Gen. I'm afraid I will not have the time to update this blog. My thoughts on behavioural finance and value investing will now be published by Soc Gen. In fact they have already published three - on simplicity, underperformance and action bias. If you are an institutional investor who would like access to my work please let me know.

Wishing you all the very best



Unknown said...

Hi James,

I have been recently introduced to your work and I think what you write is great.. I will purchase your book now.. but its a pity that I wont be able to access your regular pieces on blogger. Would be great if you could add me to your mailing list. I work with JPMorgan. Do let me know where I can email you my id. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

I hope you all the best at SocGen. Everytime I can, I read your papers.

What you are doing is great.



Anonymous said...

Best of luck.

Please include me in your mailing list if possible.

Alex Spiroglou
alex (at)

Anonymous said...

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Ygol said...

Hello James, I would be very interested to keep reading your paper. Pls add me to your mailing list: yves(@)ygol(dot)com. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...


All of the analysts at our firm are big fans. Please include us on your mailing list: .



Unknown said...


It is a real shame you are no longer writing to this blog. Please add me to your mailing list - if possible. I work for an a company that is an institutional investor.

alex.pasyukov at

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your book, and I'm sorry that you have to give up the blog. I work at an institutional investor and would appreciate access to your work. Please include me in your distribution list. My e-mail is howard (at) galileo-partners (dot) com.



P.S. I hope that all goes well at Soc Gen....

Steve said...

Will miss reading of your analysis. Please put me on your email list. AllStarModel(at)gmail(dot)com.

I have incorporated some of the concepts you analyze into my model portfolio which is being tracked in a real time "live test" at AllStarStockModel(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors with SocGen.

Yaron Sadan said...

Hi James,
I have been reading your work for some time and would like to be added to your mailing list. I manage a quant-oriented value strategy. Thank you, in advance.

Henry said...

Hi James,

I manage money for a family office using a quant/value strategy. Please add me to your mailing list. Keep up the great work!

Many thanks,


Sushil Banthia said...

Dear James

Refer to your article "The Dash To Trash And The Grab For Growth"
I believe that empirical evidences are not going to work because at no point of time in past 2.5 billion people from India , China ,Russia and Brazil joined the bandwagon.......

Sushil Banthia

The Dash To Trash And The Grab For Growth

Mind Matters
15 January 2008
by James Montier
What a difference a week makes! Recession talk is everywhere. This begs the question, are markets priced for such a possibility? We would suggest the answer is a resounding no. Valuation and cyclical risk are enormous. Yet, investors pile on the pressure by believing they can tell 'true' growth stocks from young pretenders. Simultaneously, investors seem to have transformed into speculators. This creates opportunities for those with the discipline to stick to their long-term process. Such investors are likely to find comfort in cash, if they are allowed. Failing that, large cap dividend paying stocks are probably the best place to hide.

Sushil Banthia said...

Dear James

I recently read Seven Sins of Fund Management and Rules of happiness.

Please include me in your mailing list


Sushil Banthia

Anonymous said...


could you please include on your mailing list also your fan from the birmingham business school (Investments course).

Many thanks. Mojster

Unknown said...

Dear James,

I work for a Brazilian family office and I've just finished reading 'Behavioural Investing'. It was great. The hard thing, now, is to convince my colleagues that we have many things that we should change in our investment process.

Please add me to your mailing list.
macedo at mvmworld . com

Best of luck at SocGen.

Anonymous said...

I bought and loved your book. Please send your SocGen research to me at:


Anonymous said...

Hi James
I read your book, too, and was disappointed to see your blog ending now that I found it...
If it does not bother you too much, please add me to your mailing list: manuel.wymann(at)
I am working at an institutional investor.

MSP said...

I am a buy-side research analyst and your various writings, which I enjoy immensely, have periodically come across my desk. I would like to receive them more regularly and so would very much appreciate being added to your mailing list.
My e-mail is

Terry said...

Greetings from downunder. I am currently enjoying reading your Behavioural Investing book.

I'd appreciate being added to the mailing list for your Soc Gen papers. My email address is

Many thanks.
Kind regards,

Unknown said...


I have recently discovered your work via the value investor insight newsletter. Consequently, I have placed an order to purchase your book as well. I manage a small fund that uses a value/behavioral strategy and your work is right up my alley. Please put me on your mailing list. My email is:


Yogesh said...

Hi James,

Thanks for hosting a magnificent blog. I work for an Independent equity research firm developing stock selection models for institutional investors. I would appreciate if you can add me to your mailing list

Best Wishes,

dimitry12 said...


I'm not an institutional investor, though I've been researching behavioral finances fanatically.

As I found your blog I read every single letter on it and now I'm starving for new deep thoughts from you.

Could you please include me in your mail-list? (dimitry12 at google com)

Laurence said...

hi James
I no longer have a valid email address for you. I just wanted to let you know that my book about Optimism is now finally done and on its way to press (due to be published in January by Canongate). As well as thanking you for taking part in it I wanted to double check the permissions for the quote I've used from your paper, and whether I also need to acknowledge or ask DK? Could you please send me your new email address so that we can discuss this offline?

Many thanks,
Laurence Shorter
07789 871 666

Laurence said...

hi James
I no longer have a valid email address for you. I just wanted to let you know that my book about Optimism is now finally done and on its way to press (due to be published in January by Canongate). As well as thanking you for taking part in it I wanted to double check the permissions for the quote I've used from your paper, and whether I also need to acknowledge or ask DK? Could you please send me your new email address so that we can discuss this offline?

Many thanks,
Laurence Shorter
07789 871 666

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your email list. Thanks.

Nathan Hall -
WhiteHorse Capital Partners

workout2 said...

Dear James,

Great fun reading your views! Would love to be on the mailing list. I work at a large UK pension fund.


Anonymous said...

James, I'm very interested in the work you're doing. Please add me to your mailing list if you have one: docmartn(@)suddenlink(dot)net.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

James -

I would like access to your work. Please let me know how best to facilitate this.


Anonymous said...


Please add me to your research distribution list. We are institutional clients of SocGen.


Anonymous said...

Hi James

I discovered your writing via Gloom Boom Doom report last month and read a few of your papers (good introduction with Show me the Alpha - Mr Bogle's antidote). We are a hedge fund and we have relationships with SocGen, though not directly as clients.

Could you kindly add me to your list?


George Barrow said...


I was shown your work by a colleague and would be very grateful if you could add me and a colleague to your mailing list. i am a buy-side research analyst and he is a fund manager.

Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

hi james

Luv your work - pls add me to your mailing list

paul montgomery

Anonymous said...

Just ordered your book. Would be great if you could add me to your mailing list.

JS said...

Dear James, I am a final year student in Singapore Mgmt University. I would to cite your papers in my research for Behavioral Finance thesis paper. Can you point me to the resources available?

Thanks Jourdan

Anonymous said...

I own and operate and investment firm in Portland Oregon that includes a broker dealer, fund management and invesment advisor.
We would very much appreciate receiving your research.

Ben Johnson, President
First Securities Northwest

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

hope all is going well in Soc Gen. I'm a long time reader/follower/practioner of your research/ideas on behavioral investing/finance, going back to 2001, when you sounded like someone from Mars. I got caught by the "unemployment wave" back in January while surfing at Credit Suisse AM, I do miss your research pieces, if possible pls add me to your mailing list

Thanks for sharing your ideas/research throughout all these years!

José Miguel Calheiros

smita said...

im smita a Phd student. im doing my research on behavioural finance. would like to quote some of your research in my thesis.

pls add in me your mailing list.

Cameron Hight, CFA said...


If you get a chance, could you check out I developed this product while working for a long/short equity fund that made many of the cognitive bias mistakes that typical investors make. I built Alpha Theory to, as you say it, "adopt an investment process that is at least partially robust to behavioural decision-making errors." If you like the concept, I would like to discuss further.


Cameron Hight

You can contact me through the website if you have an interest.

Roger said...

Hi James,

Long time no hear. We are all still here in sunny West Sussex - but there are 5 of us now!
Miss those Henderson lunches!

Katie (Roger, Sapphire, Etienne & new baby Orin)

Johnnie Ball said...

Hi James,

I am on the committee for the Manchester University Trading and Investment Society and I think your reports could add a huge amount of value to the society.

Could you please add my society email address:
to you mailing list. Many thanks,

Johnnie Ball

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to be put on the mailing list.

That is, if you're still checking this blog.

Tom said...

Hi James,

Hopefully you are still reading this. I am a junior stockbroker looking to get some exposure to original sell-side research apart from the normal stuff we normally get. Please add me to your mailing list - thomas_ealey(@)

Active Investor said...

Please add me to your mailling list.

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Unknown said...

hi james
this is ketan karani from mumbai india. i completed reading of your book behavioural investing.
this is the most powerful book i have read in my lifetime.
i am into equity research and after reading your book i am really happy to understand my mistakes. i am also follower of benjamin gramah, philip fisher among other for my investing.
one thing i never visit mgmt where i have huge stake. as i do have huge stake in many indina companies
pl keep in touch.

my email is
also if possible do email your writings to me i treasure them.
warm regards
ketan karani

dfi said...

hi james
I manage money with a value slant in australia; please include me on the mailing list if possible

規格 said...


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

I have been reading books on behavioral finance for 10 years now, including your behavioral finance book, as well as the much more boring and drawn out behavioral books by Thaler and other in academics. You do a great job of simplifying and teaching the lessons of behavioral finance. I got my MBA in finance in 1996 and trying to get away from efficient market hypothesis ever since. Thus my interest in behavioral finance ever since. I also have been a shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway since 1995. I was skeptical of the efficient market even before i graduated. I think behavioral finance is much closer to the truth and the way human's think and the markets work.

Being a investor and a poker player though I would like to point out one mistake in your book "The Little Book of Behavioral Investing." As a poker player I am always trying to put myself in positive expected value (EV) situations. On page 21 and 22 you give a expected value (EV) example. The math was wrong though. If you expect in a fair coin toss to win $2.50 if it comes up heads and lose $1 if it comes up tails your expected value is 75cents not $1.25 per round. $2.50-$1 divided by 2 gives you a expected value of 75c per round.

Your books are great thou. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

Gary Norden said...

Hi James,

I am the author of 'Technical Analysis and the Active Trader' a book that explains the many deficiencies of technical analysis. In that book I apply the lessons from behavioural finance to T/A and all trading and explain some ways that traders can overcome the biases and heuristics.

I have just read your 'Little Blue Book..." and believe there are many similarities between our views.

As background I was a derivatives trader in London for 13 years.

I would be keen to discuss these issues further with you as I am currently writing another book.

My website with contact details is
Gary Norden

Unknown said...

Hi James,

Fascinating writing, really enjoy it. Please include me on your mailing list at




gjervis said...

Hi James,

Just read your book on Value Investing and i would like to join your mailing list. i am an individual investor in Jamaica with some funds under management. my email address is i hope you take occasional visits to this site still.

Anonymous said...


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